Jet Plasma

Skin rejuvenation from the inside out

Jet Plasma is the most advanced Plasma technology used to brighten and tighten skin, shrink pores and promote high levels of collagen regeneration. It works by contracting and tightening the fibers in your skin and stimulating collagen growth and fibroblast activity. These treatments remodel and strengthen the skin from the inside out.

Pain free treatment

The Jet Plasma device was designed with Jet and Cold Plasma for best results using a strong low temperature atmospheric plasma temperature on the surface of the skin. The treatment is completely pain free and has no downtime, no significant side effects (skin may look pink and feel tight), and will leave you with highly effective, long-lasting results.

Look years younger in just weeks

Jet Plasma is used for non surgical facial treatments, acne treatment, anti inflammation, skin whitening and treatment of hyperpigmentation. No pain, no downtime!

One treatment of the face takes about 15 minutes and you will see immediate improvement with a single session. However, like all collagen stimulating treatments, the collagen takes time to regenerate and final results are seen around 8-12 weeks. A series of treatments are recommended to achieve the highest, longest lasting cumulative results.

Before & After

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Check out our amazing bundles and save!


Check out our amazing bundles and save!