Tattoo Removal

Do you have tattoo regrets?

Trying to figure out how to remove a tattoo? Unwanted dark and multi-colored tattoos can be safely and effectively eliminated with Evoke’s tattoo removal treatments. These are clinically proven laser treatments which use various laser wavelengths that target different ink colors. The result after a number of sessions reveals clear, ink-free skin with minimal risk of scarring or hypo-pigmentation.

People change, tattoos don’t…

Sometimes when people choose to have a tattoo removed or altered they feel they have changed or grown beyond a particular tattoo. In many cases, a tattoo can be the last symbol of a lost or broken relationship. For these individuals, having a tattoo associated with a former partner removed can be part of the healing process.

Another powerful example are people who want to reject their past affiliations to gangs or hate groups. For them, these tattoos no longer reflect their beliefs and so they want them removed. It is a physical sign of their commitment to their new life.

Safe and effective approach

In the past, tattoo removal was painful and gave inconsistent results. Our Alma Q-Switched Laser with “Next Generation” technology now provides a safe and effective way of removing tattoos leaving natural looking skin.

It normally can take between 4-8 laser treatments for a successful removal of a tattoo. The exact number greatly depends on the age of the tattoo, the patient’s pain tolerance and skin type and genetic factors.

Some patients choose to only remove the tattoo partially, as they want to cover it with a new tattoo so less treatment sessions are required in this case.

Before & After

The number of treatments may vary depending upon the size, color, and location of the tattoo. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

– Professional and amateur tattoos

– Traumatic tattoos resulting from accidents

– Cosmetic tattoos

Our laser uses “Next Generation” technology to deliver high energy light pulses. These pulses are then absorbed by the tattoo breaking down the pigment into tiny particles for the body to remove naturally.

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Check out our amazing bundles and save!