Teeth Whitening

Immediate results in just an hour!

Our process includes 3 – twenty minute back to back sessions, so you can leave with IMMEDIATE results – up to 20 shades whiter!

Our dental grade whitening is similar to whitening at the dentist but at a fraction of the cost. We use an organic gel which includes plants and minerals that are good for your teeth like Aloe Vera, avocado oil, and potassium. A blue LED light activates the gel and speeds up the whitening process.

Safe for sensitive teeth and dental work

Our gel is not only safe for your teeth but can also be used on previous dental work to help bring it back to its original color.

Have hyper-sensitive teeth? No problem! We can apply our desensitizing and remineralizing treatment prior to whitening.

As an added bonus, our U.S. made product helps kill gingivitis and strengthen your enamel.

Keep that smile shining bright!

Shield and Shimmer tooth sealant is like no other! Designed as a dual purpose, tooth sealant and sparkle. No more wait time after whitening, no more food film, and who doesn’t love a shimmering smile! Your can use it anytime you want to add protection from food film and add a sparkle to your smile!

After your initial visit you can come back in for monthly or quarterly touch ups to maintain your whiter, brighter smile. We will recommend a plan that best suits your lifestyle to keep your smile shinning bright!

Things to remember before your appointment:

  • Be sure to eat before you come as you will not be able to eat for two hours after.
  • Hydrate with lots of water so your teeth are hydrated.
  • No brushing or flossing for at least 4 hours before your appointment.
  • Avoid dark colored foods/beverages for 24 hours after whitening – so don’t book your appointment 24 hours before a special occasion where you won’t be able to adhere to these instructions.
  •  Don’t want to wait to enjoy dark colored food; ask us about,  Shield & Shimmer tooth sealant.

If you have questions or want to know if Teeth Whitening is right for you contact us at (208)999-5445


Check out our amazing bundles and save!


Check out our amazing bundles and save!